Google AdSense to Update Revenue Share Structure and Move to Per-Impression Payments

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Google AdSense is making two major changes that will affect how publishers earn money from their ad space:

  1. Updating the AdSense revenue share structure: Publishers will now receive 80% of the revenue after the advertiser platform takes its fee, whether that be Google’s buy-side or third-party platforms. Previously, publishers kept 68% of the revenue.
  2. Moving to per-impression payments for publishers: AdSense will soon transition from primarily paying publishers per click to the display industry standard of paying per impression. This means that publishers will be paid for every time an ad is displayed on their website, regardless of whether or not a user clicks on it.

Both of these changes are designed to provide publishers with more transparency and control over their earnings. By moving to per-impression payments, AdSense is making it easier for publishers to compare their earnings with other technology providers they use. Additionally, the updated revenue share structure will give publishers more flexibility in how they monetize their ad space.

Google expects these changes to go into effect early next year. Publishers do not need to take any action to prepare for these changes.

What do these changes mean for publishers?

The updated AdSense revenue share structure means that publishers will now keep a larger share of the revenue from their ad space. This is good news for publishers, as it will give them more money to invest in their content and grow their businesses.

The move to per-impression payments will also benefit publishers. By being paid for every time an ad is displayed on their website, publishers can earn more money even if users don’t click on the ads. This is especially beneficial for publishers with high-quality traffic but low click-through rates.

Overall, these changes are positive for publishers. They will give publishers more transparency and control over their earnings, and they will help publishers to earn more money from their ad space.

Additional benefits of these changes

  • More consistent revenue streams: By being paid for every impression, publishers can expect more consistent revenue streams. This is because ad revenue is less likely to fluctuate based on user behavior.
  • More flexibility in monetization strategies: The updated revenue share structure gives publishers more flexibility in how they monetize their ad space. For example, publishers can now choose to sell their ad space directly to advertisers or through third-party platforms.
  • A fairer and more transparent ecosystem: These changes will help to create a fairer and more transparent ecosystem for publishers and advertisers. By providing publishers with more information about how their revenue is generated, AdSense is helping to build trust and confidence in the digital advertising industry.

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